Too Much Networking?

Okay so today as I was in the waiting room for my daughters therapy it was CRAZY.  There are always several appointments at the top of the hour.  And often parents have multiple siblings with them.  I get all that.  I'm one of them; I take my baby with me to the appointments.  But part of the chaos was 3 little kids rearranging the waiting room chairs.  Two of them were patients and one was a sibling.  So here's the scene... Mom of kid 1 is making a follow up appointment and not watching kid 1 at all.  Kid 2 and 3 (siblings) are also not being monitored but their mom is busy on her phone.  Kid 4 - didn't mention him yet was laying across the only play table in the office and grandma was busy talking on the phone...  And for once mine really were not the crazy are you still with me on this picture?  At first I really started to get bugged but I actually paused (something I don't do much if ever) and thought wow how often do I get too caught up in my phone or iPad or what ever electronic / network type device?  I know I'm just as guilty as these other moms/grandmas.  So I wonder how often you get side tracked from your kids because of your networking?  When is it too much?


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