Whip It Up Wednesday: Mexican Shells

Okay, so today in Wisconsin we are supposed to be almost 90 degrees, with some serious humidity! Meaning I want a meal that isn't going to heat up the house too much, here's a pretty quick simple meal that will taste like it was a lot harder to make Then it really is! Let's get started!

So you'll need Hamburger I used 3 pounds, 1 box of Jumbo shells, and then your favorite CHUNKY Salsa, also some shredded cheddar cheese (Not shown in the picture).

To get started cook jumbo shells as directed on the box, DO NOT OVER COOK! Then pour into strainer and run cold water over and let cool.

Next Fry up the hamburger and drain off any excess fat, put the pan back on the stove and add in enough salsa to cover the meat well depending on how much meat you use, I used about 2 cups of salsa.

Take a 13x9 cake pan and coat with a thin layer of crisco shortening. Now you are ready to start stuffing your shells with your meat mixture. I take one shell at a time and use a spoon and spoon the shell full of the meat then place each shell into your cake pan close to each other, Now if you cooked up the whole box of shells you will probably have enough to make up another smaller cake pan like an 8x8 if you have one. Once you have stuffed all of your shells just top off your shells with shredded cheddar cheese and cover your cake pan with foil and cook in your over on 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. Just until the cheese is melted and your shells are heated well throughout. This is a meal that you can make up ahead of time then just throw in the oven before you are going to eat. I hope you enjoy this meal as much as my family does and no one has to know how easy it actually is! Sorry I did not take as many pictures of  the different steps as I should have!   If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Chelle


Hawaiian Haystacks with a Twist

Whip it up Wednesday...
A couple of weeks ago my husband was whipping up dinner and really it was just more of a throw it all together type of meal but it was such a hit with all of us that we couldn't wait to make it again.  It has for sure become one of our family favorites.  In fact my son declared this is what he wants for his birthday meal. Ok I'm good with that!  So what we ultimately had was Hawaiian Haystacks with a twist.
My family has been working on eating more of a plant based diet so we've had to get creative especially to keep kids happy at the dinner table.

This meal is really so easy!  Rice - Veggies - Beans - and what ever toppings you want

First get your rice cooking - we like brown rice
While that is cooking start your chopping and if you have helpers get them going too!

Get all of your favorite vegetables or toppings ready
This time we had cheese, tomatoes, green onions, pineapple, celery, carrots, yellow and orange peppers

The sauce 
Heat up the beans with juice - don't drain (we used Great Northern).  While they are warming, add 1 to 1 1/2 Tbs Bragg Liquid Aminos and 1 Tbs chicken bullion.  Just mix and heat until warm. If you don't have liquid aminos you can use soy sauce they taste similar.
 Now you're ready to assemble however you like!!!
See easy, yum, filling oh and don't forget totally healthy!
Okay total side note after I took this picture and sat down to eat it I was so sad when I realized that I totally forgot the avocado...I mean who does that?  I should have just hurried and cut one but I didn't.  Don't worry the next night when this was leftovers I totally made the full effort and cut the avocado.

Here's the full recipe kind of not much too it

Enough cooked rice for your family
Veggies, cheese and whatever other toppings chopped how you like
Mix and heat next three ingredients
2 cans Great Northern beans
1Tbs chicken bullion
1 - 1 1/2 Tbs liquid aminos

Layer / assemble to your desire.

I hope you try this it really is great! If you do let me know how it goes.

Thanks --Naoni


More Red, White and Blue

Yes I have more red, white, and blue to share with you today!  But this one is for you not the kids however if they are like my little one they will think it is for them too.

Can you tell what it is?  This has quickly become one of my very favorite accessories!  I love these.  And wow all the colors we have available!  But really how perfect are these colors to accessorize with on the 4th of July?  And I love the little bit of silver on the edges.  Okay so if you've been to the shop then you probably know what this is but incase you haven't I'll let you know.

Yep its a fantastic summer scarf.  You can't tell in this picture but I'm wearing a jean skirt and my favorite little red sandal heels.  I totally love this scarf.  But like I mentioned it really is one of my favorite accessories and really it is super light weight so its a perfect way to dress up any outfit.  And really there are sooo many color options.  I'm working on getting them all photographed so you can see them.  Oh before I deceive any of you, please don't be fooled I did not make this.  Me and needles (crocheting, knitting, doctors - really any kind) DO NOT go well together so yes the credit for this scarf is all my moms!  Yep the same mom that I drug through the experience of the blessing dress (ok - sewing needles are an exception).  She's pretty amazing!

Oh and don't forget your little ones that will love it too.  Just think Fancy Nancy style!
She loves having her picture taken but rarely do I ever get her looking at the camera she is just on the go too much so I didn't expect to have much but here is my little Fancy Nancy with her scarf and ready for her picture to be taken!

Thanks for stopping by


Red, White & Blue

Happy Monday!!
I'm working on getting my kids 4th of July outfits ready and here is the first one.  What do you think?

I'm sure it will be warm enough that she would be fine without a shirt but I promise I won't be bringing any naked babies to the parade. Isn't this great for a fun summer day?  It's listed in the shop if you have a little one that needs this too!

This is so full and flouncy (is that a word?).  It is a double layer tutu.  The bottom layer is white and the top layer is alternating red and blue.  So fun and a perfect outfit for the 4th!

Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite outfits for the 4th of July.

Thanks --Naoni


Whip it Up Wednesday - Blackberry - Apricot Syrup

Okay remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted the blackberry cobbler?  Well here’s another blackberry option!  Have you ever made fresh homemade fruit syrup?  

We love it and make it often if we have fruit that makes it that far.  (often our fruit is just devoured or put into smoothies)  Since I had ordered extra blackberries with my Bountiful basket, I had plenty to enjoy in many ways. 

My kids love having breakfast for dinner and that works for me because I don’t always get anything yummy made for them in the mornings.  They decided they wanted waffles so I got to work on them and because we had the extra blackberries of course we threw in a handful right into the waffle batter.
That was when it hit me duh. I have extra time while this gets all cooked-- I’ll hurry and whip up some fresh fruit syrup!  Okay then I decided since we had extra apricots from the same order I was going to try blackberry-apricot syrup.  Or as my kids named it “black-berot” or “apri-berry”.  Please tell me my kids are not the only ones that have to come up with mixed names EVERY time we mix two separate items together??  

Well we got it whipped up and poured it over our yummy blackberry waffles.  The kids gave a big thumbs up!  But really this syrup doesn't stop at the waffles.  Think – ice cream, pancakes, etc.
Are you ready to try some fresh fruit syrup yourself?  Well here you go…

3 C blackberries and apricots (total)
¾ C sugar
1tsp lemon juice
1/2 - 1 C water (depending on desired consistency)

Combine all ingredients and puree in a blender and tada you’re done.  Depending on your desired consistency you may want to play with the water to thin it down just a bit.  Also depending on your blender you may need to pop it in the microwave if you want it warmed.  My blender has a fancy little “syrup” button that ends up warming it as it is blending.

But really seriously easy and great with all kinds of fruit! (you may not need as much sugar depending on the fruit you choose)
What are your favorite syrups? Oh and what names would your kids give the blackberry - apricot syrup?
Let us know when you whip up your favorite syrups!




Death by Chocolate!

OK! This is my "GO TO" Dessert! Seriously! IF I show up at a church potluck without it several children and adults cry! Also the name of this dessert may sound it is either very hard to make or way too chocolatey (Is that word?) Well neither are true! This is easy to make (However it takes a little time and I usually make up several parts the night before) And this is a great summer dessert However I make it ALL year long and dare say you will too!! Let's get started! 

First the ingredients.....Remember I said this was easy!

Ingredients: 1 chocolate cake mix brand of your choice plus whatever other ingredients the box calls for (eggs, water, veg oil)
3 Large boxes of chocolate instant pudding plus milk to make as directed
2 large tubs of Cool Whip
1 bag of Heath chocolate covered toffee bits (found in the baking isle) I used to have to buy 6 candy bars and glad I don't have to anymore! 

Alright let's make this! Start with the cake mix (I usually make this up the night before) mix up the cake mix as directed on the box, then bake as instructed in a 9x13 inch cake pan. If you do not make up the night before let cool completely first. 

Next make up the pudding as directed on the boxes (Again I usually do this the night before so that the next day I can just throw it all together!) Needs to be cold and set before you start.

Also make sure you put the cool whip into the fridge overnight.....Have you ever tried to defrost frozen cool whip in the microwave? DO NOT DO IT!! It does not turn out......take it from me it becomes a runny messy!!

OK! You are ready to put this "Cake" together....OH! go back to 1st picture you are going to need 1 large bowl (Really, Really big bowl!)

Take the cake that you baked last night and now cut in into 1/3's 

Not sure how well it shows up but my cake is cut & divided into 3 parts now. Take 1 strip out of cake pan and break into medium size pieces into the bottom of your bowl

Now spoon approximately 1/3 of pudding over the pieces of cake

(sorry..a pretty bad picture!) But you get the idea! Chocolate pudding over chocolate cake! 
Now you probably guessed it Spoon 1/3 of your Cool Whip on top of pudding

Now Sprinkle 1/3 of toffee bits over your Cool Whip!

Oh Boy! It's starting to look Yummy! Now just repeat this process 2 more times....Break choc cake into med pieces, layer with choc pudding, next layer with Cool Whip Then Top with Heath toffee bits! And Viola! You're done! 

I hope that you, your family and all who you make this for enjoys it as much as we do! Well until next Wednesday....Enjoy!



Blessing Dress

Want to see something gorgeous?  Well I might be a little biased since I did make it for my precious baby, but really it turned out much better than I even imagined or expected!  Don’t you love projects like that?

I knew I wanted to make a blessing dress for my baby.  (A blessing for my faith - LDS is when you give a blessing to an infant to give her a name to be known on Church records)  And I’ve often been known to take on BIG projects fortunately for me my mom lives close by!  Unfortunately for her she often gets roped into my BIG, over my head, beyond my skill projects.  She is a trooper!


Well I had seen this tutorial from make it and love it  and loved the idea especially since it was a post baby shirt.  BUT then when I saw this tutorial here from lilblueboo for a cascading ruffle skirt I knew I wanted the dress to have this skirt.  My mom’s not a huge fan of making something without a pattern but me of course I just say go for it.  Well in case you can’t see the difference this material is totally not knit and very much frays all over the place even when cutting the circle.  So yep the project just got bigger.  But I now know how to create a rolled hem! 

Truly I was terrified as I began tackling this project and seeing all the fraying.  I was so afraid I was going to just have to throw in the bag and just go buy a dress as the blessing day was in oh about 8 days from the starting point.  Although the tutorials were inspiration my choice of material really made it so that I had to make this up as I went along.

But all in all really I could not have been more pleased with the end result.  It turned out absolutely beautiful!  And I now have a totally one of a kind blessing dress for my sweet baby!

So be brave try some new projects! You never know it just may turn out fabulous!!!