Whip it Up Wednesday - Blackberry - Apricot Syrup

Okay remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted the blackberry cobbler?  Well here’s another blackberry option!  Have you ever made fresh homemade fruit syrup?  

We love it and make it often if we have fruit that makes it that far.  (often our fruit is just devoured or put into smoothies)  Since I had ordered extra blackberries with my Bountiful basket, I had plenty to enjoy in many ways. 

My kids love having breakfast for dinner and that works for me because I don’t always get anything yummy made for them in the mornings.  They decided they wanted waffles so I got to work on them and because we had the extra blackberries of course we threw in a handful right into the waffle batter.
That was when it hit me duh. I have extra time while this gets all cooked-- I’ll hurry and whip up some fresh fruit syrup!  Okay then I decided since we had extra apricots from the same order I was going to try blackberry-apricot syrup.  Or as my kids named it “black-berot” or “apri-berry”.  Please tell me my kids are not the only ones that have to come up with mixed names EVERY time we mix two separate items together??  

Well we got it whipped up and poured it over our yummy blackberry waffles.  The kids gave a big thumbs up!  But really this syrup doesn't stop at the waffles.  Think – ice cream, pancakes, etc.
Are you ready to try some fresh fruit syrup yourself?  Well here you go…

3 C blackberries and apricots (total)
¾ C sugar
1tsp lemon juice
1/2 - 1 C water (depending on desired consistency)

Combine all ingredients and puree in a blender and tada you’re done.  Depending on your desired consistency you may want to play with the water to thin it down just a bit.  Also depending on your blender you may need to pop it in the microwave if you want it warmed.  My blender has a fancy little “syrup” button that ends up warming it as it is blending.

But really seriously easy and great with all kinds of fruit! (you may not need as much sugar depending on the fruit you choose)
What are your favorite syrups? Oh and what names would your kids give the blackberry - apricot syrup?
Let us know when you whip up your favorite syrups!


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  1. Yum! This sounds so good! I love that uses so little sugar!!!! I'm gonna have to try this!