Death by Chocolate!

OK! This is my "GO TO" Dessert! Seriously! IF I show up at a church potluck without it several children and adults cry! Also the name of this dessert may sound it is either very hard to make or way too chocolatey (Is that word?) Well neither are true! This is easy to make (However it takes a little time and I usually make up several parts the night before) And this is a great summer dessert However I make it ALL year long and dare say you will too!! Let's get started! 

First the ingredients.....Remember I said this was easy!

Ingredients: 1 chocolate cake mix brand of your choice plus whatever other ingredients the box calls for (eggs, water, veg oil)
3 Large boxes of chocolate instant pudding plus milk to make as directed
2 large tubs of Cool Whip
1 bag of Heath chocolate covered toffee bits (found in the baking isle) I used to have to buy 6 candy bars and glad I don't have to anymore! 

Alright let's make this! Start with the cake mix (I usually make this up the night before) mix up the cake mix as directed on the box, then bake as instructed in a 9x13 inch cake pan. If you do not make up the night before let cool completely first. 

Next make up the pudding as directed on the boxes (Again I usually do this the night before so that the next day I can just throw it all together!) Needs to be cold and set before you start.

Also make sure you put the cool whip into the fridge overnight.....Have you ever tried to defrost frozen cool whip in the microwave? DO NOT DO IT!! It does not turn out......take it from me it becomes a runny messy!!

OK! You are ready to put this "Cake" together....OH! go back to 1st picture you are going to need 1 large bowl (Really, Really big bowl!)

Take the cake that you baked last night and now cut in into 1/3's 

Not sure how well it shows up but my cake is cut & divided into 3 parts now. Take 1 strip out of cake pan and break into medium size pieces into the bottom of your bowl

Now spoon approximately 1/3 of pudding over the pieces of cake

(sorry..a pretty bad picture!) But you get the idea! Chocolate pudding over chocolate cake! 
Now you probably guessed it Spoon 1/3 of your Cool Whip on top of pudding

Now Sprinkle 1/3 of toffee bits over your Cool Whip!

Oh Boy! It's starting to look Yummy! Now just repeat this process 2 more times....Break choc cake into med pieces, layer with choc pudding, next layer with Cool Whip Then Top with Heath toffee bits! And Viola! You're done! 

I hope that you, your family and all who you make this for enjoys it as much as we do! Well until next Wednesday....Enjoy!


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  1. My MIL made a similar 'trifle' type dessert like this with Strawberry shortcake!!!