More Red, White and Blue

Yes I have more red, white, and blue to share with you today!  But this one is for you not the kids however if they are like my little one they will think it is for them too.

Can you tell what it is?  This has quickly become one of my very favorite accessories!  I love these.  And wow all the colors we have available!  But really how perfect are these colors to accessorize with on the 4th of July?  And I love the little bit of silver on the edges.  Okay so if you've been to the shop then you probably know what this is but incase you haven't I'll let you know.

Yep its a fantastic summer scarf.  You can't tell in this picture but I'm wearing a jean skirt and my favorite little red sandal heels.  I totally love this scarf.  But like I mentioned it really is one of my favorite accessories and really it is super light weight so its a perfect way to dress up any outfit.  And really there are sooo many color options.  I'm working on getting them all photographed so you can see them.  Oh before I deceive any of you, please don't be fooled I did not make this.  Me and needles (crocheting, knitting, doctors - really any kind) DO NOT go well together so yes the credit for this scarf is all my moms!  Yep the same mom that I drug through the experience of the blessing dress (ok - sewing needles are an exception).  She's pretty amazing!

Oh and don't forget your little ones that will love it too.  Just think Fancy Nancy style!
She loves having her picture taken but rarely do I ever get her looking at the camera she is just on the go too much so I didn't expect to have much but here is my little Fancy Nancy with her scarf and ready for her picture to be taken!

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