Blessing Dress

Want to see something gorgeous?  Well I might be a little biased since I did make it for my precious baby, but really it turned out much better than I even imagined or expected!  Don’t you love projects like that?

I knew I wanted to make a blessing dress for my baby.  (A blessing for my faith - LDS is when you give a blessing to an infant to give her a name to be known on Church records)  And I’ve often been known to take on BIG projects fortunately for me my mom lives close by!  Unfortunately for her she often gets roped into my BIG, over my head, beyond my skill projects.  She is a trooper!


Well I had seen this tutorial from make it and love it  and loved the idea especially since it was a post baby shirt.  BUT then when I saw this tutorial here from lilblueboo for a cascading ruffle skirt I knew I wanted the dress to have this skirt.  My mom’s not a huge fan of making something without a pattern but me of course I just say go for it.  Well in case you can’t see the difference this material is totally not knit and very much frays all over the place even when cutting the circle.  So yep the project just got bigger.  But I now know how to create a rolled hem! 

Truly I was terrified as I began tackling this project and seeing all the fraying.  I was so afraid I was going to just have to throw in the bag and just go buy a dress as the blessing day was in oh about 8 days from the starting point.  Although the tutorials were inspiration my choice of material really made it so that I had to make this up as I went along.

But all in all really I could not have been more pleased with the end result.  It turned out absolutely beautiful!  And I now have a totally one of a kind blessing dress for my sweet baby!

So be brave try some new projects! You never know it just may turn out fabulous!!!  



  1. Naoni, It is beautiful! I am so proud of you. Your daugher is beautiful too! --Marilyn Schenk

  2. She is Gorgeous! I think this is the most photos I've seen of her. Pout. Pout.

    BUT WOW to the dress. My first thought when you mentioned no pattern was MOM HATES THAT!!!

    We are going to make a 'dance' dress this summer and we may need you to help with that skirty thing!!! Mom will hate you more... :) AHHmazing!

  3. This is beautiful!! I'm having a baby girl in just a few days and just realized I havent even started thinking about a blessing dress! Now I wish I could sew!! =) Awesome job!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I hope all goes well with your little one!