In the words of MC Hammer: "You Can't Touch This!"

Quick guess what is the germiest, nasties thing/place in your house?? Did you guess this:

Well according to "United Stats of America" (This new show on the History channel...Which I now kind of like) You would be wrong!!!! It is....... are you ready for this??

That's right it's your TV remote control......It has over 500 different kinds of bacteria growing on it! Can you say um..... totally gross!! Now picture me sitting on my couch with the remote in one hand and my sweet almost 5 month old baby in my lap!! (Because remember I was watching that new show on the history channel) Nothing like Keep the remote away from the baby? All I can say is I was up in an instant to go grab:

So I coud start scrubbing the TV remote control!

The show then proceeded to say a few other things that are carrying lots of germs like your cell phone so yes I wiped that down too! and now that I am sitting at the computer I'm thinking the keyboard and the mouse should really get a good wipe down! OK! Just to clarify I am not a germ-a-phobe but I am going to start adding the TV remote control to my weekly cleaning list....
And well since its Saturday I just thought I'd share it with you!! Happy cleaning!


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