My Dilema:

My cousin was having a baby and as some of you might remember they were not finding out the gender. Well I really wanted to surprise her with one of my crocheted baby hats. So I asked everyone what kind of hat should I make an owl?, a bear?, or maybe a sock monkey? Well the sock monkey hat won! Hooray! But now what colors do you use because I really like making my hats either super girly or definitely boyish. Hard to do if you don't know what you're having and well.... using green and yellow for a baby hat....No Way! (unless I'm making a Green Bay Packer one and then of course!)

But still I thought I'd start out with some neutral colors and before I knew it one hat turned into 2 hats! (I just couldn't do the non-gender thing!) But I have to admit I've fallen in love with the pink one it totally makes me think of neapolitan ice cream (YUM!)

Ok! so I got the 2 hats done Now I just had to wait for baby which we knew the date thanks to the planned C-sectin! But now is where my story gets literally the day before she is going to have the baby I decided I had to make a matching card and gift bag but then again we really don't know the gender yet so I decided I'd make up a boy and a girl version! (Yes I think I have some kind of craftng problem!) so I tear out my stamps and cardstock and come up with this:

Ok really this could be the end of my story but no there's more! So I've got 2 adorable hats made up with a matching card and gift bag I'm already to go either way boy or girl....but then it happens inspiration (or total craziness) hits me! I should really make this hat a newborn size instead of the 3-6 month size ones I already have made up so the baby can wear it right away! I mean haven't we all seen how stinking cute these hats are as photo props on these little ones!?!? So High Ho! High Ho! Its off to work I go....and several long hours later I have 2 more little monkey hats!

Needless to say we ended up with a healthy 8lb 3oz baby......GIRL!
Thanks to everyone who helped me in choosing the sock monkey hat, I now have a new favorite color combination! hopefully my cousin will let us share one of her photos.

Thanks for reading, Chelle

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