While The Kids Are Away...Mom will Play!

Well something like that! Actually this project I want to share with you was a little project that my son and I created to give to his teacher at my son's school open house. (really nothing special....just some fun school supplies for the teacher to use! the fun part was how we "Wrapped" it up for her!)

So to get started obviously you'll need a clean empty juice bottle! Then pick out your supplies to put inside your bottle (The gift) and also your supplies to decorate your bottle...The fun part! As you can see I used rubber stamps, ink, card stock, material and ribbon to decorate my bottle

The first thing I do after I have all of my stuff together I take off the label from the juice bottle and use that to measure how big I need to make my label (I made mine a little bit smaller so that I could layer the white stamped label on top of the blue card stock.)

Now you are ready to start stamping or however you would like to decorate your new label that will go around your gift bottle

Once your label is stamped up you may want to make a top for your bottle I used a piece of very cheap cotton material! Stamped on it to match my bottle then used a coordinating color of ribbon to tie it over my bottle top! Ok Now that the decorating is done we are ready to put our gift inside the bottle! Take an exacto knife and cut a small opening (That your label will cover when you are done)

Now carefully start putting your "gift stuff" inside..I say carefully because the plastic edges will be sharp!

Once you've got your surprise in the bottle you are ready to assemble it back together! I used a small piece of clear packaging tape to over the plastic that I had cut. Then I put some double stick tape onto the back of the white label and centered it on the blue label. I then put some double stick tape on the back of the blue cardstock and put it on the bottle where I wanted my new label to go....however I did also use some more of the clear packaging tape to hold the edges down on the side where the label met. It doesn't really show that much and still looks really cute....Next place your stamped fabric over the juice lid and tie it with a ribbon to hold it in place and Viola! You've created a cute gift! I've done this for birthday presents, I've even done this for my dad one year for his father's day gift! Hope you enjoy and have fun creating a fun gift idea for someone you love.....As for us were are just hoping for a few brownie points with my son's new teacher!!  

Hope you are getting some "Fun time" Now that the kiddos are all back in school!!

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