1st Day of school.... You know you gotta have something SWEET waiting for them...Why not try this: Marshmallow Fudge Brownies! 

Ok Ok Ok! I can not tell a lie! This is totally from Pinterest! I wanted to try something new for my kids and this is what I decided on.....Really it was a hard decision...I mean have you seen Pinterest lately? There's a million things I'd love to make! Oh how I need to work out more often! I'm trying to find the original post so I can share it with you ans also so no one gets mad at me!!!

So let's get started Pre heat your oven to 350! You will need the following ingredients:

1 cup buttered softened (Ok the original recipe called for margarine)
2 cups sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
4 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp vanilla
1 10 oz bag of miniature marshmallows (Now don't you just know it's going to be good?? How can it go wrong with marshmallows!?)

First mix butter, sugar and cocoa in mixer and mix well: 

Next add one egg at a time mixing well before adding the next egg. Now add vanilla mix. then you are ready to add the dry ingredients flour, & salt mix well...I couldn't believe how fluffy and light it looked it reminded me of frosting!

See doesn't it look yummy...It is yes I tried it!!

Now grease a 10x15x1 in pan...(Next time I make this I will just use my jellyroll pan it is a little larger but I think it will work better we'll see!) Spread the batter evenly in the pan. See what I mean it looks like frosting!!

Now bake at 350 degrees for 22-25 minutes (I should have cooked mine just a couple more minutes but oh well they tasted great and my kids loved them!) I have to share my little helper here with you isn't he just the cutest!?

When you can insert a toothpick into the center of your brownies and it comes out clean they are cooked! Pull out of the oven and sprinkle the whole bag of marshmallows over your brownies put back into the over for 3 minutes or until they just start to become golden : Looks like Heaven 

Ok while it is cooling off you can get started on the yummy frosting:
1 cube of butter
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tablespoons cocoa
2-3 cups of powered sugar (You will need to add powdered sugar to your desired thickness)

Mix all the above ingredients until smooth, then when the brownies are completely cooled off frost. Just a note I think I frosted mine a little too early....I couldn't help it my 9 year old son was walking into the house yelling "Hey! Mom did you make us something for our first day of school!? SO I had to hurry and frost them so he could enjoy and boy did he enjoy as did my other kids when they got home however they would NOT let me take their picture! Darn kids!

ok these are still really warm and really needed to set up a little more but we couldn't wait...they looked better later

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