School 1 week...check!

I know I know this isn't a true WIUW but we are going for this anyway today!

My life seriously flies by way too fast!  And I know that I'm not taking enough time to really enjoy my kids and everything we have going on. Sometimes it is just going through the motions (which really means just running from one activity to another and another and another so on).  So here is a perfect example.  My big kids have already been in school a full week!  And my little one had her first day of preschool yesterday.  And the baby well we have a few years!  You may not want to go through all of this but maybe some of you can relate and maybe others of you are much better mothers that say "no" and don't get too bogged down with activities.

Here's a list of what our week has been for the first week:
Wed.  School, karate, football practice
Thurs. School, check out for Dr. appts, 10 year old birthday, karate, preschool open house, scout pack meeting
Fri. school, play with friends, (which somehow resulted in a beach / lake area in the sand pit in the back yard), football practice
Sat. football game, 1st volleyball practice, several runs to the DI, and a clean garage!
Sun. Church, my normal sunday drive with the Hubs!, birthday dinner-cake and ice cream with family for the 10 yr old
Mon. school, karate, football practice
Tues. school, 1st day of preschool, piano lessons, 1 on 1 football practice with grandpa, volleyball practice
Wed. school / preschool, another check out for dentist appts., scouts, football practice
rinse repeat and do all over again.

Is anyone with me here or do I need to really hear "Just say no"

So see that is why sometimes I have a hard time really enjoying and living in the now.  However this week I have also been much better about reading to my kids and Dad has even sat down with us a few times its been great. Kids have not been getting to bed as early as I'd like but they seem happy and we are having a great time.  So you win some you lose some.

Okay I know serious tangent but I promise this post involves food and it actually deals with school too so now we are ready right?

Do you have any 1st day of school traditions?

For the last several years on the 1st day of school we have a little bus stop breakfast.  It really helps that there are 10-12 kids at our stop.  So we all go out early and pump the kids with some sugar before we send them off on their first day of school.  And everyone loves it!!

Here are some of the pics of what we have going on....

This is what everyone loves
Homemade doughnuts!

Homemade cinnamon rolls
We also had fruit and juice, milk etc.  but really who wants that when all this WARM goodness is around.  I totally snag a couple doughnuts for myself every year!  I just can't help myself!  It's also a little hard to get mad when you find the kids sneaking extras...
His comment is "what I haven't had breakfast yet I can't go to school hungry"
There was more of this cheesy grin every where I went

Oh and the modeling poses where's the runway
Did you see we even have a couple of dads (the blonde one's mine!) that come join in the fun.
Then the moment we've all been waiting for ...
The bus of course.
They all choose to ride and of course 1/2 the moms follow because we then have to get shots at school too (Yes I'm one of those moms and one day I may scrapbook with them too).

So that's a run down of our tradition on the 1st day of school.  What do you have going on?  I know lots of you started on Monday and yet there are still some of you that haven't started yet so here's an idea for you if not!

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